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Product description

This super cool Extendable Backscratcher will ensure that even the most annoying itches in hard-to-reach places never go unscratched.

Your personal assitant for anytime

How it works?

Stainless steel extendable backscratcher will provide a lifetime of great use. Extendable design reaches from 15 to 50cm in length. Curved design with five fingers effectively tackles itchy spots. Backscratcher allows you to easily reach those pesky itches and tickles in hard-to-reach spots on the body.
Collapses down to the size of a pen for simple storage in a vanity or nightstand drawer or to keep in a backpack, purse, briefcase or luggage when you're on the go. A cool and convenient personal care accessory for the elderly, someone laid up with an injury or anyone with dry itchy skin.

Product Detail

  • Stainless steel back scratcher.
  • With telescoping handle.
  • Extendable design.
  • Reaches from 15 to 50 cm.
  • Curved design with five fingers tackles itchy spots.
  • Collapses down for easy storage or travel Fit in the pocket


Brushed alluminium grip with pen holder pin over chrometic telescoping length adjustable rod.


  • Assorted
Customer Reviews and Feedback
Turkey Bin Khatab(3 months ago)

I had a previous one of these, it was weak and it bent as you used it. The "hand" kept turning around. Then it snapped. I search the internet and found the product. Nester had the best price. I rec'd the item in the mail, and was very happy. They have improved the product. It has a re-enforcement on the top of the scratcher, by the hand. The material used to manufacture the product is much stronger. The hand no longer spins around and I am not afraid to really use it. Thanks to the company who made the back scratcher and thanks. The price was right also.

Ahamad Al Sheikh (3 months ago)

These are silly but surprisingly effective and do a good job of reaching those difficult spots and getting that itch. It's great to have several around the house for when you suddenly need it. I've also found the telescoping feature to be helpful and maintaining maximum laziness and hitting light switches with out getting up.

Leena Liya (6months ago)

This is my favorite thing in the house, besides my husband and dogs. ha. I picked up one, once, at my pharmacy. Used it till it broke. So came on here and bought this pack. My husband finally grabbed it from me one night, before I could set it down after use, and he tried it. He ended up keeping it for himself and I had to get myself another one. ha. They work wonderfully. I extend them about half way and use them on my back with a lot of force. I don't extend max as they get a little flimsier then. How I broke my original is my boxer dog thought it a toy.

Ayesha bint e Usman (6months ago)

These are great! Make sure you get this brand. I wouldn't chance getting the ones without it. There was another distributor selling these as individuals but I wanted four - one in my book bag, one in my purse, one in the console of my car, & one for bed. I'm not especially itchy but when I need one I want one nearby.These are very well made - very sturdy.

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