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Experience Innovation Designed to Fit Your Handbags, scarves and caps & go Easy on Your Wallet

Yes, in just 10 minutes you can make up to 85% more closet space in place of your current storage “system”. The solution is our one-of-a-kind Handbag Organizer, Organize Scarf and Organize Cap. Their patented designs organize all collections, from your handbags and scarves to caps and belts.

Better yet, you can share the gift of stylish organization because you have found the perfect

“How cool is that?!”

Our Master Craft team has listened and included all the flexible features you’ve dreamed of.

Who knew it takes so little effort, money and time to organize such an important collection?

Experience our safe system that you easily put in place. Feel our high quality, Beige colored material that protect your accessories through their lifetime. Check out the metallic hook on the organizer enables you to easily access from closet rods, walls or doors. Utilize 4 loops per side to get your forgotten handbags off the floor. Fit your petite or mommy-sized handbags on our magnetic or hook & eye loop locking systems.

product detail

  • Organizes and stores up to 8 handbags.
  • Hangs on either closet rod, hook, nail, wall or door
  • Very easy to attach and remove bags and holds them securely.
  • Can be used for hanging belts and baseball caps too.
  • Constructed of heavy gauge cotton canvas


Beige Of right now


Heavy guage of cotton fabric.

Customer Reviews and Feedback
Bint e Waqas Ali(2 months)

I have limited closet room, so this Organize Handbag Hang-up looked like the ideal accessory to maximize my space. I was disappointed for two reasons. First, the loops are not wide enough to handle larger width shoulder straps. If your handbag has a strap wider than 3/4" it will be a tight stretch to get the velcro sides to meet. Second, the loops are placed so closely on top of each other that if your purse is long and deep, it will flop over the one below it and make for a really bulky mess once you completely fill it up with items.

I wound up using my Hang-up exclusively for all the baseball caps in our family, which actually turned out pretty handy. It fit in the side of the coat closet and took up less space than a hat rack would have needed. I really still need a good spot for the pocket books, but for now, this item will be utilized for lighter and smaller things. One last note. The hanger part only faces one way and does not pivot, which means you always have to hang it sideways in the closet. It would be more user-friendly if it had a swivel hanger hook so that you can just turn the strip around in your closet and remove the purse you are choosing. The go-with-everything neutral color is a wheat shade called "Beige." Durable, sturdy and well made.

Aleema Khan Mohammad (1 months ago)

Great for the closet and quite handy, once I started I kept looking for more things to hang on it. I wish I had two since I kept finding more things that would be just perfect.

For those who have a lot of clutter and need their smaller items organized this is wonderful item. I have a small collection of baseball caps which are hard for me to store (and find in my room) and I found I could put up to 4 caps on a single Velcro -but kept it at two because otherwise they got a bit smashed.

I also tried storing purses on it but found mixed results. Only smaller purses with a short strap really worked well. Anything bigger was too clunky and made it hang a bit unbalanced. I liked that the Velcro straps are surprisingly strong. However, they are placed approximately 4/5 inches apart so really are meant for smaller items. Light scarves also worked great as well as belts and even some of my larger necklaces.

Another useful place might be the garage. It could be used to hold cables, wires and it since it is made of cloth it seems easy to clean.

It also could be used on the back side of the door. But since you would need one side to lay flat you could only utilize one side or half of the storage space, so I think it is still better used in the closet. Another idea is to lay out your entire outfit for the next day on it using hangers for your shirt, dress, pants, and/or skirt.

And adding your jewelry, hat, belt, scarves or stocking so it is ready to go and won't get wrinkled. This is a wonderful time saver and space organizer for small items and accessories that constantly get lost. The only downsides are that it can easily get unbalanced with bigger items and the spacing design between Velcro strips makes it best for smaller things.

Farah Naz Isphani (3months ago)

I love this product because it works extremely well for me. I am not lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, so I have to make the most of every square inch of space in my reach in closet.

I have had many "organizers" through the years, but none has worked as well as this one. It has seven velcro tabs on each side, so it will hold 14 bags. It measures about 40 1/2" long; add another 3 1/2" for the hook that hangs on the closet rod. My largest bags are about 14" wide by about 10" or 11" high; some smaller but not too small.

I have two of these, right now holding 26 bags, so I have room for a couple of more should I see something I just can't live without! The purses on the bottom do hit the floor, but they are organized according to color, so I can find the one I want right away.

Don't forget about the width when figuring how much space to allow -- it depends on the thickness of your bags. I am really happy with my purchase.

Jannat (5 months ago)

While this will not go down in history as one of the great inventions of all time, it is something that is so obvious most people, if given the challenge of efficient closet purse storage, would have come up with something very similar to this. I think in a pinch, I could build a crappy version of this with a coat hanger, scrap fabric and old buttons. (I don't keep Velcro around the house, so I would have to use buttons.)

The purse rack is sturdy, and works for any size bags. For some smaller bags, you could probably put two on a hook. There are 8 hooks, four on each side of the canvas strip.

The canvas doesn't drag on the floor, but the bottom purses are on the ground. Check out the customer images for a shot of the purse holder, fully loaded.

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