About us :

Nester trading est was incorporated in 2004, NESTER is different because we carefully select the unique product list, with a detailed professional review along with an interactive platform for the users to share the experience and the knowledge about this exciting and growing sector. We are manufacturer import & export business our company based on wholesale and distributer. Enjoy our wide range of products.

Nester Trading Specializing in picnic & traveling item, baby items, shoes – household and organizer products having its head office in Riyadh, we have three branch office and warehouse which is located three major cities, Jeddah, Dammam & Al Qassim and distributing to all GCC countries Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and India USA. finally, we have striving to introduce innovative and simplified Items that offer our esteemed customers unmatched quality, convenience and cost effective.

Our Mission:  

Quality is our priority 

We have striving to introduce innovative & simplified items that offer our esteemed customers unmatched quality, convenience and cost effective & we focus primarily on new and distinguished products and we are hardly working to make your experience better. 

Our Goals: 

To be a leading company in the field of importing new and distinctive products and to be the customer’s first choice through our experience in this field and to provide a distinguished service. We are always keen to develop our service through your opinions and suggestions to reach customer satisfaction. We always strive to gain the trust of the customer and provide him with information related to products with clarity and accuracy.  

Our Activities: 

We own products of the trademark SOK, which we manufacture & export USA, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, India & we own an exclusive marketing contract and manufacture of our patented Ventaco diapers product in the USA. The company also owns an exclusive product with international awards, which is a shoe that eliminates cracks in the foot called soaking shoes. We have an online store called asnaf.com for retail sale of products. Also, we supply / deal with Amazon.com.