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  • Travel Shoe Bag – Premium Packing and Storage Solution for Shoes

    • Waterproof polyester
    • Imported
    • shoe bags for traveling
    • Zip and Drawstring closure
    • Dual Compartment
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  • Isolated Bag for drinks and food, multicolored

    • Isolated and sealants
    • Thermal insulation from the inside
    • Made from durable polyester fabric
    • Eco-friendly lining made of PEVA to keep food cool / hot / fresh for hours
    • Heat-welded layers prevent leakage and give smoothness
    • Easy to clean
    • Practical and lightweight
    30.00 ر.س37.00 ر.س
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  • Makeup Bag Organizer – all your makeup needs in one place

    • Transparent pockets
    • Red flexible rings for bottles and brushes
    • Easy to clean
    • Washable
    • waterproof
    • Suitable while traveling
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  • Clothes Organizer – To organize and arrange your items of different clothes, and to save your space

    • Available in three sizes to meet your needs
    • Helps you save maximum space in your closet and suitcase
    • Ideal for traveling and organizing your own items
    • Different size organizer lets you store different size of clothes
    • Perfect for full size clothes
    • Perfect for shirts, t-shirts, underwear and more
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  • Personal Accessories Organizer – suitable for travelling

    • All your personal accessories will be kept tidy
    • Suitable for jewelry ,watches, scarves, neckties, rings, bracelets, and all personal supplies
    • Convenient while traveling
    • waterproof
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  • Gadget Organizer, Store And Organize Your Small Technical Gadgets in One Place

    • can be carried anywhere
    • Made of high quality waterproof material
    • Multiple pockets for multiple sizes of tools.
    • Flexible rings allow you to put things that are hard to hold in the pockets.
    • Suitable rings for data cables and other cables.
    • Suitable for travel
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